Frequently Asked Questions:

What exactly does a doula do?

  • The essence of what a doula does is support.  Whether that is offering information for you to make the best decision for you and your baby, helping you to cope with labor by massaging you, or encouraging you that you can birth this baby;  she is there as a constant support.
  • I assist with writing a birth plan.  This is a plan of how you would like things to go during your labor and delivery.
  • I encourage you in the labor process.
  • I help you to work with your body.
  • I am a resource of information even before labor begins.
  • I am a member of your support team.

Won’t my husband/boyfriend/partner feel cheated by having a doula there?

  • I am a member of your support team
  • I offer suggestions on ways your partner can help.  At a birth in the past, I was able to describe to the husband how to put pressure on the momma’s hips/lower back to help relieve the back labor she was having.
  • If your partner needs to go to the bathroom, you won’t be left alone.
  • I am a reassuring presence during times when he might become concerned.  I was able to reassure a partner when the momma was feeling ill, that this was a normal part of labor and not something to be worried about.

I plan on using an epidural, why would I need a doula?

  • You will have some labor before you are given an epidural.  I can help with managing labor until you can get your epidural.
  • The epidural doesn’t always work.  Sometimes they work awesome, sometimes you get partial relief, and sometimes it can feel like you are not getting any relief.

I have had children before, why would I want or need a doula?

  • Perhaps you had a less than ideal birth in the past and you are hoping for a different birth experience this time.
  • You might be desiring to have a natural birth.
  • Remember that like every pregnancy, every labor is different.
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