About Me

I am the mother of 6 children.  They range in age from 26 years to 8 years.  I enjoy being with my children and watching them grow.  Like all parents, I find parenting to be difficult at times, but I know that they are little for such a short time.  I  currently only have 3 of my children at home as the others are all in their 20’s.

My journey to becoming a doula began with the birth of my fourth child.  We had dealt with infertility and had grown our family to three children before I even got pregnant the first time.  During the pregnancy, I read a little bit about pregnancy and childbirth.  I figured that it was a natural process and that the doctor would guide me at the proper time.  Fast forward to my labor and even though I had a support team- they didn’t know much about birth or how to help me advocate for myself.  This ultimately led to the cesarean birth of my son.  I was disappointed in my birth.

I knew that if I was ever fortunate enough to get pregnant again, I wanted a vaginal birth.  Thus began a three year timeframe of researching and learning about birth.  In my reading, I learned about doulas!  How they are childbirth and labor coaches.  How they help with positions during labor.  How they help with comfort measures and with education.  But most importantly for me, I learned that they help you and your support team express your voice.  I hired a doula with my next two pregnancies and I was not disappointed!

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