Adventures in a Treehouse

You might be wondering why I am blogging about a treehouse on my doula blog.  Well, I went to Portland, OR last month for a DONA Birth Doula training.  The training recommended getting an Airbnb for a place to stay while at the training.  My training was 3 days long.  Anyway, once I realized (in August) that I needed a place to stay, I looked on airbnb.  There were rooms, tiny houses, and bunks available.  Then I saw a listing for a treehouse!  I thought, “That sounds like fun!  I want to stay there.”  I immediately contacted the host.  She had done a GREAT job describing the treehouse.  She wasn’t sure from my VERY brief message that it would be the best fit for me.  She sent me a message stating such and I thanked her for her time and expressed interest in staying in the future.  I also pointed out that I am a birth worker supporting mommas in childbirth and labor.  She responded back that if I was still interested, that I could stay there!!!  Wooo hoo!!

My workshop was for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  So, I went to Portland on a Thursday.  I found the location of the house and met with my host.  She gave me a tour of the facilities (located in her backyard).  That is when I realized that I might not have thought this all the way through.  You see, even though there were pictures and descriptions, I somehow thought that there might be a ladder built into the tree to get up to the treehouse.  I knew the house was in an apple tree and that it was only for one or two people.  HOWEVER, it hadn’t dawned on me that I would have to CLIMB the apple tree like a 10 year old!!  LOL!  Yep!  Up the tree I went!  I asked how I was supposed to get my suitcase up the tree and my hosts reply was “You don’t”.  So my suitcase stayed on the patio at the base of the tree.

I knew that there was a composting toilet in the garage and that it was private for me to use while I was staying there.  But, I hadn’t really thought through the fact that if the toilet is in the garage, and I am sleeping in the tree…YUP!  I have to CLIMB down the tree to use the facilities in the middle of the night!  Wow! Maybe I should have thought this through better.

All in all I had a great time staying in the treehouse, as it was a lot like camping! I enjoyed the down time after such busy days in training.

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