Creative Ways to Fund a Doula

Hmm, you want to have a doula but you are not sure where the fee will come from in your budget.  Here are some suggestions for helping you to come up with the needed funds:

  • You could list having a doula as one of your needed/wanted items for your baby shower.
  • Some doulas give gift certificates.
  • Some doulas will accept credit cards or paypal.
  • I give a $50 reduction on overall fee if the full fee is paid by 38weeks.
  • Friends or family members can contribute to having a doula.
  • Hold a raffle, an example would be a 50/50 raffle.  You sell tickets (for example for a dollar).  You keep half the raised amount and the winner of the raffle gets the other half.
  • Hold a yard sale.  Can even ask for donations of items to sell.
  • Host a Bunco event.  Everyone who participates donates a set amount.  (the one I attended was like $10)  The group plays a set number of games.  Have prizes for the person with most Buncos, least Buncos, etc.
  • Use a fundraising website, such as this one

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