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Breast feeding Positions

I was surfing on the internet the other day, doing research for my newsletter, and I came across this fantastic article about breast feeding.  I wish that I had found this article years ago!!  The format of the article is very helpful. It includes 4 positions for breast feeding as well as tips for successful breast feeding.  The article lists a position and describes it with words and a picture.  It then goes on to suggest who the position is best for such as large breasted women or c-section moms.  It then continues on to the next position.  This is a handy article to have around.

Rocking Chair

Growing up, I had the picture in my mind of rocking my babies and nursing them in a rocking chair.  Imagine my delight when my husband and I purchased a wooden rocker.  Since I am on the short side, I was excited that we had finally found a chair that when I sat down in it my feet were amazingly flat on the floor!!  That was quite a feat!  I thought that we had found the PERFECT chair to rock our future babies in.  Fast forward several years…I had just given birth to our son.  I sat down in the rocker to nurse him and realized that I COULDN’T actually nurse him in it!! I was devestated.  When I was sitting in the chair the inside height of the arms was too high to nurse.   His head when resting on my arms was above my nipple line by quite a bit.  This was definitely not conducive to nursing as he wasn’t able to latch on in that chair.  The football hold, which may have helped in this situation, was also not an option as the chair was too narrow to make us of that position.  So remember, when shopping for a chair, if at all possible sit in it BEFORE buying.  After my daughter was born I purchased another chair and YES I can nurse in that one.  The lesson I learned?  In addition to the seat height from the floor, check the inside height of the arms of the chair.